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A Home for Recovery in Western Colorado


What We Do

Jake’s House—a sixty-day residential treatment program—provides evidence-based, compassionate care for men with substance use disorders and related problems. 

Each patient is thoroughly evaluated, and a specific treatment program is designed for his unique physical and psychological needs. Our program blends effective, current psychotherapeutic and behavioral treatment modalities strengthened by life enhancement skills.

Such structure, skills, and tools are combined with community awareness and service. In addition, a nearby park provides a place to help build free-time recreational skills, like playing Frisbee or soccer. The weekends offer inspiring excursions in nature, including the nearby Colorado National Monument and the Grand Mesa.

Learning healthy habits in everyday life is essential for men to be successful after their treatment program is complete. We help our men to not only abstain from substances and unhealthy behaviors but to feel whole again. The goal is to create and sustain a balanced, responsible and joyful life in recovery.



What to Expect

Our highly trained and skilled staff works together to afford each client the best possible progress in his personal journey of recovery. From the intake process through group therapy, individualized counseling and treatment planning, case management, family inclusion, and post-residential planning, the team focuses on successful completion of the program – maximizing the long-term physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our participants.

The intake begins with an assessment by a licensed CAC II clinician with support from Michael Horwitz, MD, Addiction Medicine specialist. Group therapies and educational groups are led by CAC II therapists and guest speakers from the field of addiction treatment. Weekly one-on-one counseling sessions with Dr. Marty Amos, PhD, focus on uncovering issues that can then be addressed in the group process. Personalized case-management by our CAC II clinicians, Matthew Vogt and Jonathan Canty, focuses on current problems and future concerns. Weekend family therapy sessions, either in person or via Skype, treat the family aspects of substance abuse. Finally, a complete transition plan from residential to continuing care will be created prior to each client’s discharge.

Long-term successful recovery and return to productive and fulfilling lives are the anticipated outcomes for those who undergo treatment at Jake’s House.


What We Treat



  • Physical fitness (exercise, yoga and meditation)
  • Resolve sleep disturbances and develop refreshing sleep hygiene
  • Manage post-acute withdrawal discomfort
  • Coordinate and manage medically assisted treatment
  • Understand the neurobiology of addiction


  • Improve emotional maturity
  • Develop more effective coping skills
  • Behavioral addictions recovery
  • Treat denial and self-deception
  • Trauma awareness and recovery
  • Spirituality as a fundamental component of recovery
  • Meditation training and practice


  • Recovery-based recreation, leisure time, and free-time enjoyment
  • Address family discord and potential need for family therapy
  • Gender-specific residential facility and curriculum
  • Both on- and off-site support groups including 12-step, alumni, and other specialized groups

Healthy Living

  • Highly structured time utilization to establish healthy, responsible habits
  • Self-reliance involving life skills: cook healthy meals; cleanly, organized living space; prioritized daily planning 
  • Proficiency with tools for daily recovery and personal growth  

Our Team

Jake's House is comprised of professionals from a diverse and interdisciplinary background.

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Robert Jacobs
Administrative Director

Robert “Jake” Jacobs, a retired teacher, created Jake’s House in Grand Junction because he saw a need. Over the past five years, he purchased remodeled, and furnished Jake’s House with the intention to serve as an asset to the community and place of hope for men suffering from alcohol and drug addictions. Many friends and associates have contributed to this goal.

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Matthew Vogt
Lead Clinician

Matthew has been working in Addiction Medicine in Grand Junction for over ten years. He began his career co-facilitating groups with Melanie Taylor, LPC, LAC, at Inner Journey for two years. The next four years, Matthew joined the staff at Mind Springs Health as a therapist and supervisor. Most recently, he has facilitated individual and group therapies at Amos Counseling for the past three years. 

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Kristin Ward
Office Manager

Kristin Ward has travelled the country for Excalibur, a medical billing company located in Grand Junction, installing billing software and training hospital employees on the use thereof. Prior to that, she worked as an insurance biller at Mind Springs Health Center. Kristin has also installed and modified the billing software used at Amos Counseling.

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Jonathan Canty

Jonathan developed his skills in case management, client assessment, and group therapy over the past ten years at Mind Springs Health and the Grand Junction Metro Treatment Center. He holds certifications in Cognitive and Dialectical Therapies and lectures on the biology of addiction and practical aspects of recovery. 

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Phillip Mangan

Phillip Mangan, a specialist in chemical dependency in the family, serves as Jake’s House’s interventionist. Having spent twenty-seven years at Pomona Valley Hospital, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine, and Riverside Center for Behavioral Medicine in Southern California, Phil retired to Grand Junction over ten years ago and has been an active interventionist ever since.

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Martha Amos, PhD
Clinical Director

Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Martha Amos, has worked for many years in the fields of psychology and addictions treatment. She is an accomplished therapist that runs her own Intensive Outpatient Program, has taught courses at Colorado Mesa University, has assessed detainees at the Mesa County Jail System, and works with children at the Mesa County Valley School District. At Jake’s House, Dr. Amos serves as Clinical Director and Supervisor.

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Michael Horwitz, MD

Michael Horwitz, MD, was Director of the Department of Addiction Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and Medical Director of their Center for Chemical Dependency, for nearly fifteen years. He remains active in the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Horwitz provides medical insight; teaches meditation, physical health and fitness; and interfaces with health care providers addressing medical and mental health concerns.


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